Does God Approve Of Divorce?

The Bible tells us that in the beginning, God intended …

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God Has Already Spoken

Believers and theologians often feel proud of their Bible study, …

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Communicate With God

People were amazed when Jesus healed the blind, crippled and …

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Why Worry Is Foolish

Jesus was emphatic (stating over and over) that worry is …

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Never Get Discouraged

Recently I volunteered to help someone with a project. I …

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Use The Power Of God!

The Word of God says Jesus “went up on a …

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Miracles Are Available For Ordinary Situations!

In Matthew chapter 14, Christ’s disciples suggested sending the crowds …

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3 Steps To Your Miracle

The Bible demonstrates that miracles are not difficult.  At the …

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God is Not Popular

The Word of God warns us that the world (the …

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