Christians and non-Christians often misunderstand what is required to be saved or to inherit eternal life with God.  God has made it so UN-complicated that it defies logic.  In John 3:16, we are told “Whosoever believes in Him (Jesus) shall have eternal life.”  Therefore, the only requirement for salvation, is faith in Jesus. Other scriptures admonish us to repent and be saved. It is understood that we can come to Christ spiritually broken and just as we are.  Faith within an open and repentant heart allows the Spirit of God to transform our lives. We will never be free of temptation, but as we exercise our faith daily, the manifested love of God gradually makes us more godlike.  It is never our good deeds or or generosity that saves us, it is our faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

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Gail King

Gail’s background includes over 20 years of entrepreneurial business experience as a President and Owner of a family-owned sales firm in Chicago, Illinois. God called Gail King to ministry, giving her the personal mandate to “BUILD MY HOUSE.” Gail understands this mandate to include rebuilding the lives, families, ministries and businesses that collectively promote the The Kingdom of God.
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