August 5



Too many of us are living with pains, aches and sickness when God is ABLE and we KNOW it. If you are a believer, put your foot down about this. God wants to heal us more than we want to be well. He will tell us what to do. SAINTS, NEVER GIVE UP! 

Four things we can do right now to be healed: 
1) PUT GOD FIRST. Many of us are ill because we are relying on everyone/everything but God. 
2) STAND ON THE WORD. The Word of God tells us that believers are already healed and can walk in divine health now. In order to experience this, we must believe it (1 Peter 2:24). Review the scriptural promises of God for healing. Let them sink deep into your soul and memorize them if you must. The Word cannot work (within us) if we don’t know it. 
3) ASK GOD FOR DAILY GUIDANCE. We’ve got to have a prayer life. If our prayers have gone unanswered, we can ask God, “Lord what do I need to do for my complete healing?” He will tell us (James 1:5). 
4) UNDERSTAND YOUR AUTHORITY IN CHRIST.  Thousands of wonderful believers live with pain and are sick because they don’t feel righteous before God. Repent of any ongoing sin of commission or omission that has you feeling unrighteous.  Once you’ve sincerely repented, you are restored to right standing – immediately. No guilt. There is never a reason for a believer to feel unrighteous when we can repent of anything. We are covered in the blood Jesus and set free. We are not in bondage. Nothing can bind us – especially not sickness!.  

Claim your God-given right to health! God wants you well!


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