September 3


Does God Approve Of Divorce?

The Bible tells us that in the beginning, God intended for a man and woman to remain together forever. ¬†However, in the Old Testament, Moses gave God’s nation permission to divorce, in an effort to maintain peace in homes. Even though God has permitted divorce, the Bible states that it is better to be celibate (and never marry), than to marry and divorce. This indicates that marriage is a huge commitment which we must never take lightly. ¬†Most of us have not demonstrated the God-given strength to remain celibate, therefore the Word of God clearly states that it is better to marry than to cohabitate or fornicate (Mt 19:1-12). Simply put, God wants to protect us from sin, disease, unwanted pregnancy, strife, heartbreak and more. Most importantly, He desires to bless us and be at the center of all our relationships!


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