It’s Time To Get Closer!

I thank God for all the resources and mercy He has shown to you, me and the thousands of people who have been hit by local disasters. Through all of this, we are constantly reminded to stay close to those we love and our local neighbors.  Misunderstandings, strife and confusion hurts everyone. In this season, stay encouraged! God is sending HELP, raising up helpers and more resources than ever to help each of us rebuild, restore and refresh our love and our lives!  Let’s keep one another lifted in prayer and stay connected.

When We Don’t Know

Despite all our experience, testing and speculating, God has made it clear (through nature) that we don’t have all the answers. As leaders and servants, its more noble to admit that we don’t have an answer rather than to charge ahead or deliberately mislead others. Challenges stretch our faith and encourage us to reach out to the Holy Spirit for clarity and to remain connected to His wisdom and power.

Fear Nothing

Unlike most of us, Jesus didn’t suffer from fear, doubt, anxiety and depression. In fact, He told us over and over, “Fear nothing!” I believe he was fearless for 4 reasons: 1) He had an intimate relationship with His Father, God, 2) He knew He was the Son of God, 3) Through prayer, He knew the will of God, 4) He was determined to do God’s will (not His own). Ironically, we too can have a close relationship with God. We can stay mindful that as believers, we are God’s sons (and daughters.)  Finally, we can reach out to the Spirit of God as we make choices. Staying connected to our Father God through daily prayer and mindful obedience gives us the confidence to fear nothing because (like Jesus) we will know that all the armies of heaven support us!

Share Your Ideas

hp-image2The website and Kingdom College exist to partner with you. If you are a believer, we want to be involved in helping you grow closer to God, your family and those you serve in the workplace.  If you own a not-for-profit, or help run a ministry, we look forward to providing the business tools you need to grow.  Finally, if God has put it on your heart to enter full time ministry, we want to help you start with a firm foundation.  Thank you visiting the website and please don’t leave empty handed.  Make sure you download our helpful free handouts, ebooks and other training materials.  We want to encourage you to SHARE YOUR IDEAS.  If you have a personal or business need that where our prayers, support and training would assist you, feel free to contact us!  We thank God for you!