We Have Everything We Need

Brothers and sisters, how often are we tempted to become afraid? We fear our job status may change, or the weather may be too severe, or we might not have the funds needed to cover our expenses.  When we find ourselves tightening up in fear, doubt, worry and anxiety, we must take a deep breath and return to Jesus Christ.  God said in His Word, “I have given you everything you need for life and godliness,” and He meant it!

God Is Blessing Us Abundantly!

God Is Blessing Us Abundantly!

You and I are walking in what the Bible calls “exceedingly, abundantly MORE than we could ever ask or think.” Right now, I am witnessing the miracles of God speed up and pour in rapidly for His children. What opens this portal? I believe it’s our persistent faith that is evidenced by ACTION. It’s one thing to say we believe, but its quite different when stop worry about what we don’t have and start using what we do have. God is looking back and forth in the earth for someone who will allow Him to show Himself STRONG (on their behalf). Is that you? Never be discouraged, God loves you unconditionally, and He’s sent you all the help you need to succeed in every area of your life! Join us and allow this ministry support you!

– Love you,
Pastor Gail King

Save The Date!

Dec. 14th, 11:00AM Event Planning Workshop

Seats are filling up fast! Register now for the Dec 15th, Kingdom Business Consortium workshop called EVENT PLANNING. Learn how to host successful events for fundraising or just fun. As always, there will be free registration, refreshments and parking. We look forward to seeing you! Click the button below for free registration:

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God is Passionate about You!

God is truly blessing and prospering His people. Yes, we sometimes face challenges, but we have nothing to worry about and nothing to complain about. Stop to consider all the Lord has done so far and what He has promised to do. We are loved, well and rich. Register for the upcoming Healing Life workshop (THE BELIEVER’S AUTHORITY)  to review how God’s power is released though us. Click the button below to register:

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God is Awesome!

Saints, I am truly encouraged by what Christ is doing in His church! He is empowering men and women to STEP OUT in everything He promised them.  What about you? Don’t allow the enemy to tell you that “you can’t” – – God wants you to have THE BEST of everything. God does not reward us solely on performance, He is rewarding us because GOD IS LOVE.  The Apostle Paul said that He prays you will understand how much Christ loves you. Focus on how much God loves you and you will remain empowered! – See more at: http://www.gailking.com/gail-king-ministries-blog/god-is-awesome/#sthash.gGqeIfdU.dpuf