Faith That Moves Mountains

We understand and use very little of the power God has freely given us.  Jesus told his disciples, “If you believe, you will received whatever you ask for in prayer (Matthew 21:22, NIV). What a promise! Of course He was referring to prayers that agree with the Word and will of God.  Even so, how often we fail to even ask God for what we need and truly believe that we will receive it. Let’s stretch our faith and go boldly to the throne of God asking for good things, then stepping out confidently, expecting His best.

Fundraising For Ministry

Ministries have struggled to survive financially without becoming what Jesus called, “a den of robbers,” (Matthew 21:13). The brutal truth is that it takes great faith for anyone to serve God with honor.  Leaders must rely 100% on our Lord to supply their family’s needs and the massive expenses of a growing ministry.  As impossible as it may seem, it is imperative that we follow the example of Jesus Christ.  He focused on completing the work His Father had assigned to Him while fully trusting in God to supply practical needs. Christ was not oblivious to their financial status, but He fully relied on the verse “Give and it shall be given to you,” (Luke 6:38). The ministry of Jesus Christ had a treasurer and dependable donors. In addition, they invited people to join their efforts or pitch in toward mutual goals.  Most importantly, Jesus never lost sight of the fact that God Almighty (and not followers) was the central provider for their successful ministry!

Love Is Greater Than Life or Death

It is ironic that people cheered Jesus one day, then not long after, they turned and murdered Him.  Throughout His ministry, Jesus healed them, prayed for them and finally laid down His life for the same people who killed Him. His love for them was greater than life or death.  God has given us the same unconditional love through the power of His Holy Spirit.  When love springs from a pure heart (without selfish motives), it can become invincible and totally indestructible. Circumstances have no power to alter or obliterate true love.

Be Unstoppable!

Each of us has a burning desire to accomplish something meaningful.  Life can bury our dreams as people try to convince us that we are wasting our time. Throughout the Bible, we see God honoring perseverance. Those who hang in there get their miracle!  If God has given us a vision, we cannot expect others to see what only we can see. As we forge ahead (sometimes all alone) we can succeed in making our dreams a reality.

Leadership – God’s Definition

All our lives we are taught to work for accolades, rank and positions of authority. However, the Bible demonstrates a less obvious path to greatness.  Jesus said, “I came to serve, not to be served,” yet He was the greatest leader who ever lived.  The scripture, “It is more blessed to give than to receive,” reinforces this same principal.  As we meditate on this truth, we know that the most accomplished people who have ever lived, made the most profound contributions to mankind.  God has given each of us unique abilities.  To the extent that we give of ourselves and develop our talent for the enrichment of all, will be to the extent that we become truly great leaders in the eyesight of God and man.

Disaster Recovery

We often hear devastating news. Do we stop to consider that for every work of the enemy (Satan), God has empowered believers to overcome and triumph? In the end, we always win! No matter how dire the situation, God knows what to do. He has the resources and He has promised to direct us. Even in death, believers go on their eternal reward while God heals, strengthens and provides for the survivors. As Jesus  predicted His upcoming death, He was careful to remind His disciples that three (3) days following his murder, He would be raised to reign forever! When it comes to faith-filled believers, behind every dark cloud, there really is a silver lining.

God Has Jobs For Us!

Have you ever felt as if you weren’t making a real difference in life? God has real important work for each of us!  We are very talented and right at this moment, the Lord is searching for more workers.  There is plenty of work and He appreciates our smallest efforts to help anyone. Sometimes we miss huge opportunities to help others because we scoff at the lack of pay or the job description. Are we unwilling to volunteer, even when we have time? In the Bible, we see God over-compensating everyone who is willing to try to work (Matthew 20:1-16).  If you’ve been looking for honorable work or service, rest assured that God has work waiting for you! Mostly likely, it’s right under your nose. It may be in your family, community or your current job. God wants us to do what we can, where we are, with what we have.  The Lord is faithful to promote us and pay us more than we ever dreamed possible! Thank you Jesus!

Why Believers Forgive

Scriptures on forgiveness which directly quote Jesus have made a huge impact in my life.  In fact, the first time I studied the entire Bible, I found these scriptures most memorable. In day-to-day life however, most of us struggle with forgiveness. We selectively forgive only individuals whom we deem repentant, deserving and rehabilitated. This rarely works because few offenders measure up to our subjective standards. Jesus, in contrast commanded us to forgive everyone, every time and for every offense. When Christ said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,” He meant it. Believers liberally forgive others because (through the finished work of Christ), God has alreadyforgiven all of our sins. Our kindheartedness toward others demonstrates (to God) who are truly His children.

What Does It Mean To Have Eternal Life?

Christians and non-Christians often misunderstand what is required to be saved or to inherit eternal life with God.  God has made it so UN-complicated that it defies logic.  In John 3:16, we are told “Whosoever believes in Him (Jesus) shall have eternal life.”  Therefore, the only requirement for salvation, is faith in Jesus. Other scriptures admonish us to repent and be saved. It is understood that we can come to Christ spiritually broken and just as we are.  Faith within an open and repentant heart allows the Spirit of God to transform our lives. We will never be free of temptation, but as we exercise our faith daily, the manifested love of God gradually makes us more godlike.  It is never our good deeds or or generosity that saves us, it is our faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ.

Child Support From God’s Perspective

Money is a very small part of “child support.” Let’s look at this from God’s perspective. When the disciples removed the children who were brought to Christ for His blessing, Jesus rebuked His own disciples saying, “Let the little children come to me…for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthew 19:13-15, NIV). God Himself stopped everything and everyone in effort to touch and bless children. Today, we have no idea how important our children are! Children in our families and communities are being neglected and we’ve learned to live with it. Neglected children and teens grow into the most impoverished, under-skilled and troubled citizens in our societies. All the while, currently each of us has many opportunities to encourage, guide and support a child. Let’s recall that God stopped everything to help a child. Let’s welcome our opportunities to do the same! There are enormous blessings for our CHILD SUPPORT.