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CRUSH ANXIETY, FEAR & PAIN / KEYS TO HEALING shares how we receive divine healing if we will dare to believe the Word of God and act on it!

Amazon Link-Crush Anxiety ($9.99):

HOW TO MARRY A MAN WHO LOVES GOD AND ADORES YOU shares God’s tried and true Biblical principles regarding His plan for courtship and marriage.

Amazon Link-Marry A Man ($9.99):

IS HE THE ONE / Be Guided By God In Love shares how to become more discerning in your choice of a life mate. Hear God clearly, be more prudent in choices and know with certainty where a relationship is headed.

Amazon Link-Is He The One ($9.99):

HIS SPOKEN WORD / In Lyrics & Poetry is a collection of 18 passionate messages. Discover how faith overturns poverty, fatherlessness, and violence in our inner cities.

Amazon Link-His Spoken Word ($9.99):

21 Insights I Wish Mom Taught Me shares the vital insights that author Gail Marie King shares with others so we don’t make the same mistakes our parents made. Be better, go further and do more!

Amazon Link-21 Insights ($7.00):

IN HINDSIGHT / Words of Wisdom in Quotes was written to share the author’s lifelong insights on answered prayer, family, fear, finances, healing, love, relationships, spiritual maturity, faith, success and wisdom.

Amazon Link-In Hindsight ($7.00):

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Latest from the Blog