January 30


9 Tips to Hear God Clearly

Below are nine tips that help us to hear God more clearly.  As believers, we have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16) and we enjoy access to communicate with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit day and night. 

Pray Consistently: Daily prayer allows God to communicate His special instructions to us regarding our life and circumstances. God told us that we could come boldly to His throne. We can ask Him specific questions. We can expect to be heard and helped. Set aside a few minutes of your prayer time to listen for God’s instructions. 

Acknowledge the Holy Spirit: The Spirit of God teaches us, comforts us and, gives us the power to do God’s will. We can talk to Him just as we speak to Jesus and our Father God. Talk directly to the Holy Spirit during your prayer time and ask Him questions. He is in you, and He yearns to tell you everything that God has planned for your day. 

Read the Bible: Those who read and believe the Bible can hear the voice of God through scripture. As they stand on His Word, they receive miracles through the (written) promises of God. One man of God said, “It matters very much how you approach the Bible.” It is vital (to success) that believers finish reading the entire Bible and independently study scripture regularly. The Bible is inexpensive and available in audio and e-book formats and within phone apps. There are many free electronic Bibles online. Reading the Holy Bible allows us to access the mind of Christ and to draw upon this wisdom (later) at a moment’s notice because we have it stored in our hearts.

Have Faith In Jesus & His Love: Trust in Christ’s love for us.

Expect an Answer: When believers pray to God in faith, and according to His will, we know that He’s heard us, and the answer is “Yes!” On some occasions, we must practice patience as we wait on God’s perfect solution. 

Attend A Local Church & Study Independently: As we hear the Word of God through sermons, it helps us to know the will of God. Faith comes from hearing the word of God (Romans, 10:17). 

Be Humble and Teachable: We are more receptive when we clear our minds to approach God (and His word) with an open mind. To hear God clearly, sometimes we must be willing to abandon preconceived notions.  

Know When to Wait: When we feel that we have not heard God clearly, sometimes that is a sign to wait. Many times, God is working things out behind the scenes. He changes hearts and circumstances. If we don’t have peace of mind concerning a situation, generally, we should not move forward. The Spirit of God may guide us through unrest (as a warning) or through peace as a signal to move forward. However, we must be careful to subjugate our own desires, making sure that our motives and actions line up with the written Word of God.  

Identify Procrastination: The Word of God encourages us to be both courageous and cautious. It says that we should not tell our neighbor to come back tomorrow if we can help him today (Proverbs 3:28, NLT). Trust the Spirit of God (through prayer and peace of mind) to warn us when to wait or to give us the joy to proceed.  

The good news is that God does not want us to feel guilty, inadequate, or overwhelmed in our loving service to Him. In fact, the purpose of this message is to help you relax. As we trust in God’s love, our faith increases, and it becomes much easier to hear God and receive His blessings. 

Jesus told us that His burden was light. God has already filled our hearts with peace, but we must trust in Him to experience it. The Bible admonishes us to cease from all our endless striving and worrying. Instead, we must allow Jesus to love us, speak to us through scripture, and empower us by His Holy Spirit. Instead of working harder, Jesus wants to change our circumstances and give us solutions supernaturally.


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