Gail KIng - 7 Uncanny Ways the Coronavirus Has Transformed Our Lives

The Bible says, “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives” (Genesis 50:20, NIV). In other words, the evil that comes into our lives, God transforms into a blessing. While God did not send the Coronavirus, here’s how He is making it serve millions of people that He loves. 

Every citizen must evaluate how she will react to the fear and panic that bombards us. As we observe Wall Street and political forums, we know that fear and panic have an enormous price tag.

On a more subtle note, shouldn’t we develop our spiritual life and renew our dialog with God? Where will we draw the line between fact and fiction? Which message will shape our behavior? Will our values and behavior improve or decline? Will we be remembered as a hero or a villain?

Of course, we use prudence in our everyday affairs (such as hand-washing), but most importantly, each of us has assumed a moral position. Will we be fearful or faith-filled? Will we cower or will we conquer these threats? 

We know that underprivileged families have not had access to the home-based technology that is required to compete in our global economy. To excel in school, these tools are required. The rest of society takes for granted the use of high-speed internet, high-end smartphones, laptops, and home computers.

Due to the Coronavirus, this gaping injustice has received more attention. New channels of distributing technology on a more equitable basis will create vast wealth for the visionaries who begin to close this gap. 

The world will never be the same. For over a decade, we’ve had the technology to work remotely. However, big business has been slow to embrace this work model within the industries that are able to work from home.  For some time, we have known that remote work can significantly enhance work-life balance by allowing dads and moms to work from home one or more days a week. Remote work is a tremendous recruiting tool for businesses. 

During the Coronavirus, worldwide companies were forced to allow workers to work from home. Millions of workers are self-starters and are more efficient working from home while some workers thrive on community and quick access to guidance. This test-drive of individual contributors will provide a wealth of market research that will significantly drive advancement. 

Additionally, smaller faith organizations have dived into the creation or expansion of their virtual platform. Other unique populations, such as senior citizens, will receive training in technology as they partner with government, church, and caretakers. 

Today, more than ever, individual thought leaders and creators can reach the global marketplace. The Coronavirus is forcing employees to rethink the investment of their time and energy. No doubt, many employees will never return to the job they held before Coronavirus. The virus has opened a door for thousands to return to school or become self-employed. 

Small businesses that aren’t nimble could face extinction. On the face, this seems daunting, but in the long haul, our desire to survive drives innovation. We know that small businesses without adequate cash flow cannot always rely on the government for a bailout. Therefore, entrepreneurs must become leaner, operate more efficiently, and develop innovative avenues of reaching new customers.    

During this crisis, each citizen has become painfully aware of the names and faces who are driving our economies. The media, politicians, owners of distribution centers, and energy sources have captured our attention. As millions of citizens search for relief, honorable leaders have an opportunity to advance. 

For decades we have ignored, and disregarded deaths caused by viruses. In our past, both individuals and businesses have failed to practice sanitation consistently. Following the media attention that the Coronavirus has received, the world population has become more acutely aware of the importance of fighting the spread of disease.

Social pressure has been applied to everyone to be considerate of others and businesses now have a heightened responsibility to protect the safety of patrons.  We can’t unknow what we know.  Going forward, all of us have received an informal education that will help us be more respectful, vigilant and considerate. In

We share thoughts of sadness when we consider the lives that have been lost. We will never truly understand the layered events that contribute to untimely deaths. We may uncover those mysteries when we too, join our loved ones in eternity. 

Currently, an avalanche of fear, panic, and negativity seeks to immerse this planet.  Let us remember that Jesus Christ was the greatest optimist that ever lived. He said, “Anything is possible if a person believes” (Mark 9:23, NLT). That means that we can recover and thrive, no matter what happens.   

Napoleon Hill said, “Every negative event contains within it the seed of an equal or greater benefit.” That is what we are experiencing now. Globally, Christians will become more dedicated to their faith and trust in God. Our economies are not failing; we are feeling the birthing pains of our thrust into a momentous future.

God bless you, have faith and stay safe!

About the author

Gail Marie King

Gail’s background includes over 20 years of entrepreneurial business experience as a President and Owner of a family-owned sales firm in Chicago, Illinois. God called Gail Marie King to ministry, giving her the personal mandate to “BUILD MY HOUSE.” Gail understands this mandate to include rebuilding the lives, families, ministries and businesses that collectively promote the The Kingdom of God.

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