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7 Priceless Blessings That Come from Having A Church Home

I often speak with young men and women who are working hard to live a good and upright life. In each believer’s life, there are specific challenges, but overall, we are confronted by only one deficit. That deficit is the ability to hear God clearly and know how to proceed. No matter what we are experiencing, God is not confused. He knows the immediate road to peace, provision, and success.  

Before I got saved, I refused to attend church. I wasn’t ready to change, and I didn’t want to confront my issues. I wasn’t sure I’d fit in. I was scared and concluded that attending church was an annoying waste of time. I told myself that it was full of hypocrites anyway. Today, I realize that Satan planted all of those lies in my mind to keep me miserable, isolated, confused, and deceived. 

Once I hit rock bottom and decided to be right and do right – I literally ran to a church to get help! I have been in church for almost twenty years now. I have never regretted having an intimate relationship with God, increasing my wisdom, and befriending genuinely loving people. All of this and much more has come from my church attendance. Through our local church, God restored my peace of mind, my hope, and my direction. Most importantly, I gained the dignity that comes from our knowing that we are in right standing with God and everyone else

In times of crisis, the Lord gave us His Word (in the Bible) for wisdom and His local church, where we receive practical support. The benefits of having a local church home are too numerous to mention! 

If you don’t currently have a church home, ask yourself, “Would growing in wisdom, understanding, knowledge, and discernment help me out here? Would I benefit from the peace of mind of belonging to a family of truly loving and generous people who are devoted to supporting our family and my life purpose?” 

Please join me in this prayer, “Father God, thank you for sending me help! I ask that your Holy Spirit direct me to a local church where my family and I can thrive. Remove all barriers from our lives and grant us peace of mind. Lord, please guide me and give me the ability to trust You in everything. Amen.” 

Seven Priceless Blessings From Having a Church Home

  • TO BE BORN AGAIN (saved) and baptized. To significantly enhance our knowledge of God and to please God through praise & worship.
  • TO DISCOVER OUR DIVINE PURPOSE in life by taking our predestined place in God’s family. To be discipled, developed, and to serve when we feel we can be a blessing.
  • TO CHANGE OUR LIFE COURSE and the direction of our marriage and family through Biblical wisdom and practical support from other believers.
  • TO DEVELOP NEW FRIENDS by fellowshipping with believers that are loving, caring, generous, and loyal. Some people meet spouses in various church ministries.
  • TO RECEIVE SUSTAINED HELP in times of need in the form of free counseling, prayer for healing and other concerns, direct financial assistance from member care, comfort, and spiritual guidance.
  • TO RECEIVE HEALING in our body, heart, and relationships through the application of wisdom from the Word of God. Access to the power of prayers of agreement.
  • TO ENABLE GOD’S DIVINE PROTECTION over our family, health, and finances as we learn to live by faith and to be directed by God’s wisdom.

If you don’t currently have a church home, ask God’s Holy Spirit to guide you and ask people in your community for referrals. Visit local church websites and see if you can stream their live services online. Perhaps you can preview the Pastor’s messages on YouTube. Most importantly, don’t put it off. Step out and actually visit churches on Sunday or weeknights. As stated before, having a loving church home is one of the best decisions you will ever make!


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