The Bible demonstrates that miracles are not difficult.  At the request of His mother Mary, Jesus performed a miracle at the Wedding in Cana (John 2:1-12).  In this passage, the bride and groom ran out of the wine being served to their wedding guests. This was a disgrace to the couple and Mary felt compassion for them and asked Jesus to help. Even though the timing was not convenient for Jesus, Mary had faith in His love. She went forth ordering the servants to “Do whatever He tells you.” Next, Jesus turned urns of water into wine.  God loves us enough to rescueus, heal us, help us, defend us and  provide for us. Miracles are not difficult when we follow Mary’s example. Therewere just 3 steps to her miracle: 1) Ask Jesus for help. 2) Rely on the love of God and remove all doubt from your heart 3) Go forth fully expecting and preparing for the best!  

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Gail King

Gail’s background includes over 20 years of entrepreneurial business experience as a President and Owner of a family-owned sales firm in Chicago, Illinois. God called Gail King to ministry, giving her the personal mandate to “BUILD MY HOUSE.” Gail understands this mandate to include rebuilding the lives, families, ministries and businesses that collectively promote the The Kingdom of God.
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