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At Kingdom College, Gail King shares Biblical principles that produce physical health, mental health, and healthy relationships.

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You want a healthy life free of sickness and anxiety. You want to attract and maintain loving relationships. For far too long, you've been experiencing unhappiness, loneliness, physical illnesses, and disappointing relationships.

The challenge is that overcoming the horrendous pain from our past, along with today's disappointments, it's sometimes difficult to map the way out. Compounding all this are intermittent health challenges and relationship issues. 

The good news is, you do deserve happiness and a better future!

Through her books, live classes, courses, and speaking, Gail King provides a clear blueprint to build a life that is healthy, joyful, and full of loving relationships.

Get Unstuck!

Stop Letting the Pain of the Past Revisit Your Future

Refuse to remain trapped in a cycle of pain and unhappiness. What you experienced yesterday and today, doesn’t have to determine your future. You can change your destiny.

God's Mission, Your Vision, Our Help

The Bible says, “Man does not live from bread alone, but from every Word out of the mouth of God.” Before you were born, God planned an awesome life for you, filled with joy and satisfaction. 

Gail’s mission is to provide biblically based wisdom and guidance that allows you to recast your life and realize your greatest dreams.

Maintain Physical Health

Attract & Restore Loving Relationships

Rest & Reclaim Your Joy & Hope

Overcome Loneliness & Heartbreak

Move from Misery to Life Mastery

Hi, I'm Gail King.

As someone who fought sickness and went from a wheelchair to complete a 26.2-mile marathon, I'm passionate about divine healing. So I can enthusiastically stand on this scripture, "For I am the LORD who heals you" (Exodus 15:26, NKJV).

And following having my heart broken early and often in life, I understand the emotional pain of fatherlessness, rejection, divorce, and loneliness. Based on easily replicated Biblical principles, the Word of God allowed me to take my life back. I was healed emotionally and physically, so that today I love and receive love as never before. I was freed to walk in my divine purpose.

Through the books, classes, and programs I share, let's partner to take control of your life, claim emotional and physical health, and build healthy relationships.

Let's restore your joy!

Gail King

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